DIY Digital Ads
Coaching Tailored To Your Small Business


Learn from a Digital Marketing Manager with 7+ years of experience working with some of Australia's biggest brands

Do you run your own small business? Then you can run your own online ads!

Are you a small business owner who wants to run online ads, but doesn’t know how? Don’t have a big marketing budget? Can’t afford agency fees? I can help you learn to set up and run your own ads, tailored to your business! 

If you want to learn how to:

  • Set up your Google Ads account

  • Select the right keywords for your brand

  • Create great campaigns on Facebook and Instagram 

  • Pick the right targeting to reach your audience on Social Media

  • Run Shopping ads on Google

  • Write great ad copy for your ads across platforms

Then look no further and get in touch with me today!

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What I offer


With many years of experience working with big Australian brands, as well as small e-commerce businesses, I can teach you how to set up
your own digital marketing campaigns from scratch. Whether you need help with Google Search, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn,
or Spotify ads, I’m here to show you how it all works! 

My individual coaching has:

- no costly agency management fees

- no generic teaching videos or transcripts

- 1-on-1 coaching sessions tailored to your brand

- training via video call or in person (greater Sydney area)

With my help you will be able to:

- set up your own advertising accounts

- manage campaigns and budgets on your own

- understand and analyse digital advertising metrics

- optimise your campaigns to achieve the best results for your business

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From driving traffic to your site, connecting the FB pixel, to campaign optimisation and tracking sales, you’ll learn it all. Become proficient
in using Social Media publishing tools and understand what the numbers mean. Be your own digital advertising manager, save money, and be empowered! 


Enquire now to schedule a coaching session with me! 


Please be as specific as possibly in your enquiry so I know if I can help you how and what you need assistance with. My fee will depend on the type of help you need and the complexity of your advertising needs.